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I've had plans before with VPI, and with my new addition, didn't hesitate to enroll her the day I got her. It was well worth it too, this little rascal gets into everything and anything unlike any other dog I've ever had. After only a month, she swallowed something we couldn't figure out. She had to be x-rayed, was an overnight guest at the pet hospital while they watched whatever it was go through her system, and hydrsted by IV...when all said and done, and the claims sent to VPI, there were no hesitations at all. I was sent a very reasonable reimbursement in a very timely manner. Though the staff at VPI have won my heart, when my soul-mate went to heaven last June. I sent an email letting them know that she had passed. They sent me condolenses, and notices that I should know that the policy will be kept open for any unforeseen charges that may be coming from the vet. They checked with me before closing the account to be sure that there were no extra charges. I had cancer insurance and my pet had died of cancer, however, after one treatment, I decided that I did not want to proceed with any more. The treatments were harder to bear than anything else. She went with dignity and grace and I think she was more comfortable without those treatments. I'd like to thank the staff for their kindness and helpfulness during those hard days. Then when I got this litttle rascal, I'd like to thank them again for their patience in waiting for me to choose a name for her..

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swallowed unknown object
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Toy Poodle

Age of Pet
Under a year

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