Read your policy carefully

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Make sure you are getting the right coverage and keep a file of all your records, vet visits, and claims per incident. Read your policy and benefit schedule to see what is covered. Choose wisely. I have been with VPI for 5 years for my dog. I keep a zero balance on my credit card for vet emergencies. I am satisfied with VPI. However, mistakes can happen and I have had to open two disputes on two different claims. It takes an addtional 2-3 more weeks to get that fixed. But I was in the right and received the balance due back. Read the entire form when you receive your claim check on what was covered and what was not to make sure everything was covered that should of been. They do not get upset at you when you open a dispute. They are friendly and helpful, even when having trouble filling out the claim form. Police yourselves and know your policy, keep copies. I am grateful for having the coverage. I do agree with some that there should be better coverage, no denials for pre-existing conditions. And I dont like that my premium goes up ever year my dog ages.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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