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I just took out a policy for my four pugs teo policies with two dogs on each. I chose the standard 1000 plan without the wellness. I apy $33.90 for all four dogs I have a $100 deductible and 90% reimbursement. Pros are obviously the price by far the best I have come across in all my research because they offer the family plan, the only company in the industry that does this. I get 2000 annual coverage a 1000 for accident and 1000 for illnesses while i realize that is nt a whole lot of coverage to it's great for the price and for minor trips to the vet.Normally for that ow of a deductible the price with many other companies is much higher. The only insurance company that I have found that offers a discounted plan for rescue animals so I also get a discount since my pugs are all adopted from the rescue. Cons: If you go on a standard plan be aware that if a serious condition arises for instance, cancer it is only covered in the first year and at renewal will be considered pre-exisitng unless you choose the lifetime plan in which the monthly price will increase pretty substantially, also if you choose to go with the lifetime coverage you will not be able to get wellness that is only offered with standard plans.However, if you choose a standard plan you can add riders that will cover congential, heriditary and chronic conditions at $20.00 per a month more you can also add on breeders coverage which is a rare find in the industry as well as perscription food. In my research this w

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