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As a forth year vet student, I have been on enough specialty rotations to realize that it is very rare that clients leave a referral hospital with bills under $1000. I also realized that many illnesses/accidents are not things you are expecting or can plan for. I've seen many owners that love their pets, but simply can not afford the care they need to get better. From the veterinarians point-of-view, it's frustrating to know we can medically fix an animal but are not able to because of financial constraints. But money does not grow on trees, and unfortunately cost can drive the medical decisions we make for our pets. So a few months into my clinical year, I signed my pets up for petplan insurance. Knowing that if something happened to my pets, I wanted to make sure I could make medical decisions based on their wellbeing, not finances. Petplan gives me financial peace-of-mind for my furbabies.
Cecilia is my adorable, 8 yr old, King Charles Spaniel mix. She was a rescue and when I first fostered her she was covered in fleas, had no hair, was pathetically weak, and had obviously had been overbred and neglected her whole life. I nursed her back to health and she has blossom into the sweetest, funny, little, velcro pup. She makes friends with everyone she meets, and would make an ideal therapy dog if I had time.

When I found a small (3mm) subcutaneous mass in the area around Cecilia's vulva, I did not panic. I periodically palpate Cecilia's mammary chain anyways

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Over $1000

King Charles Spaniel

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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