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We recently adopted a new pup, named Jake who is a mostly German Shorthair pointer mixed w/ beagle who was not trained at all and lived in a shelter until 6 months old. Since getting him we have learned that he is VERY active and gets into everything and wants to eat it as well! We have Pet Plan for our older Weimi Gus who we have the insurance 'just in case' because we know that he is like a child to us and we would do anything for him but have never had to use the insurance. But we decided to add our new little guy, Jake to Gus' plan. What a great idea that was...he ate the insole to one of my shoes whole and ended up with a small bowel obstruction and had to have surgery to take it out. I have fallen in love w/ this pup too and being an MD myself, currently in residency I knew that he needed this surgery to save his life as he was vomiting profusely and not passing stool, not eating and was very dehydrated from all the vomiting. I however was working 80 hours a week and happened to be on call the day that he got sick and had to sneak out of the hospital just to get him to the vet and then go right back and I am 7 months pregnant and we are paying student loans back and are strapped for cash and knew that this would press us even more, thus I was very stressed about the whole situation. In fact, stressed to a dangerous level for our baby as I started to have signs of preterm labor but I called Pet Plan before he had the surgery and they assured me that it would be cove

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