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When we were planning on getting a new puppy, I researched pet insurances immediately. I figured after all the possible trouble that a puppy can get in to, I wanted to have the insurance just in case.....unfortuneately we needed to file our first claim about a month ago. Our girl, Landry, was working on a bone and a piece broke off. She swallowed the piece lightening quick and I could not retrieve it. Less than 24 hrs later, she was vomiting repeatedly and very lethargic. She then went to our regular vet, x-rays, medicines, a two night stay over at the vet, bland diet, and still would retch and vomit out of the blue. By the way, the bone was never found in x-rays, even though we saw her consume it and no one saw it come out anywhere!!! She then had an endoscopy at another vet and was on medicine and prescription food for over a month. That's when we filed the first claims to Healthy Paws. They were so professional from the start. I actually spoke to an owner with my first phone call in reseaching them! They followed up with emails when any paperwork was submitted and after a few weeks, the checks were in the mail! Their customer service dept. continued to follow up with an email, expressing their well wishes and asking for a picture too! I tell everyone to get this insurance! They do what they claim and you won't be disappointed if you ever have to use it! Hopefully it won't be too frequent! P.S. No more bones for Landry! EVER! Tough lesson learned. Than

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broken off piece of bone consumed
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Over $1000


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1 - 8

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