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I had 2 boxers on VPI insurance for 10 years until they passed away in 2011, I was satisfied with the insurance until I got a new boxer puppy on March 1st, 2012 and enrolled her in VPI insurance, I have the same policy as my other two boxers with an additional plan for puppy care. This extra puppy policy was suppose to cover shots and spaying, I found out the hard way it does not! It covered $35 worth of shots, which every 2 weeks she was getting her puppy shots until she received her adult shots at 16 weeks, and they will reimburse only $100 of the cost of spaying. I found "friends of animals", which for the purchase of a $90 certificate (males are cheaper), my puppy's spaying is 100% covered, and my veterinarian is a participant with Friends of Animals. The certificate covers the surgery, anesthesia and antibiotics. Also, my puppy has a genetic form of mange, "demodectic mange" which she got from her mother, VPI will not cover this condition also. I am so dissatisfied with VPI and am currently looking for another alternative, either another pet insurance company or starting a savings account for her medical bills. Any suggestions? I would also like to mention that it takes the insurance company approximately 6 weeks to respond to claims whether or not they decide to accept the claim or not. I pay the bill upfront and wait for their decision to pay or not to pay. I have tried the online claim submittance but that took 6 weeks also so I went back to the mail system,

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puppy shots, demodectic mange and spaying
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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