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My name is Lisa Russell and I'm an Emmy-winning filmmaker based in NYC. Why did I have to say that? Because I'm writing this review with as much seriousness as I take my work.

I enrolled my two dogs who are both 11 in Healthypaws after reading a little bit about them on the internet. I had other pet health insurance plans in the past but was interested in trying them out.

Thank god I did. Not too long after my enrolllment wait period ended, my one dog got very sick. Partly bc of the negligence of a vet I was taking him to. Long story short, we found out my dog was extremely diabetic, did not get the care he needed immediately and ended up becoming ketonic and I had to take him to the pet emergency hospital.

His illness required three days in the hospital with payment required up front. I was able to cover the first two days but on the third day I was about ready to give up and put my dog down.

I talked to a wonderful representative by the name of Meredith who walked me through everything, assured me and informed me that if I could the hospital to fax me the estimate for the last nights stay that they would give a credit card to cover their portion of it.

No other insurance company needed to do that and between how fast they acted, the care they showed me and my dog, I have a whole new respect for the health insurance industry. I always assumed they just wanted my money but I felt they truly cared about the life of my dog. I had not been a member

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