A big unexpected scare but PET PLAN came through!

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A very unexpected scare during our walk to the park with our little 4 year old Chihuahua Kitty. When a huge chocolate lab came running to the side walk for dinner! The owners could not hold thier 85 pound dog when she came running over to our dog not to greet him but attack our dog! They did not have their dog leashed in front of their home knowing their dog has had previous inncodents where the dog has been aggressive. This could have happened to anyone! But, it happened to us on Valentines Day when we just wanted to enjoy a walk to the park with our dog. $1300 later our little guy Kitty went through emergency care at our vets and was monitored over night recovering with stiches that later had to be removed in 2 weeks. The day I took him in to get his stiches removed from his back right side (which had a puncture wound from the bite that made the intestine come out of the muscle wall) he was a champ through it all and there it was in the mail only days after submitting all the necessary documentation; a check for the full refund amount we requested from Pet Plan! We were so relieved after this happened because it truly was an unexpected expense we didn't want to fork out of our savings for but would do anything for our pets! Thanks to our insurance coverage it helped put that money right back into savings and hope we never have to use for an event like this ever again!

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