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I too have the wellness plan for my three pets (2 dogs & cat). The thing about it is it is a "wellness" plan not to be used for emergencies. If you are taking care of your pet hopefully you would never have am emergency. I routinely get calls from Banfield reminding me to bring my pets in for periodic checkup and the their vaccines. Recently we found out that our big dog had heartworms. The vet was truthful with us and told us up front if we wanted treatment it would be expensive. She also let us know that the treatment medicine was hard to find and that they had only enough of the medicine on hand for one large dog. She suggested that if we did want to treat our dog it would be better to pay for everything up front as the medicine was used on a first come first basis. If we hadn't had the wellness plan the entire treatment would have cost us over $1,500 instead we only plan approx $750. The plan came in handy. The vet taking care of our big dog personally saw to his care and would tell us every step and what to expect. Our dog would stay at the vet for the entire day to make sure that he was ok. The next day we would get a call from them inquiring on how he was and if there was any problems. I've gone to regular vet but I have never had the care that the Banfield I go to gives us. The only problem they have is that even if you have an appointment you will have to wait to see the vet.

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Posted: 05/11/2012

The plan is to be used for "wellness only and not emergencies?" And if you "take care of your pet, you hopefully will not have emergencies"? Are you kidding me? Emergencies happen all the time with humans and animals alike. Your implication is offensive to animal lovers everywhere. Second, you are blind to the scam. Yes, according to the Banfield scam, you will always be saving thousands of dollars. Are you that naive to not realize prices are marked up then discounted? This happens in retail all the time. The problem with Banfield is that it is a large corporation whose bottom line is profit. My previous vet was a small locally owned business. The Vets didn't change much- that had been working there for years. They knew us by name, knew our families, knew our pets. They too would show us a treatment plan and cost and when we couldn't afford it, they would allow us to pay in installments with post dated checks. And they wouldn't actually cash the checks until the agreed on date! Try getting that type of personal care with Banfield! When I moved, I went with Banfield and learned my mistake. I am now in the process of looking for a new Vet, a local small business owner who does this work for the love of animals and will give me the personal touch I and my animals deserve. BTW, if you were taking care of your dog, he wouldn't get heartworms, a very preventable disease. Just saying.