Price goes up, Benefits go down.

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I have had my 3 dogs on a Petfirst Policy for over 4 years now. They used to be good and would cover at least 50% of the costs for Annual exams, Accidents, Dental Cleanings and Heartworm preventative medications. They monthly charge for the policy started out around $70 a month and went up around 10% every year.
My monthly cost in early 2012 was $92 until this last June when the monthly cost went up to $114, and at the same time they converted the policy to an accident only policy and added a $100 per visit deductible without telling me what they were going to do. So now I get no coverage for annuals, which cost around $200 per dog per year. The policy that used to cover Accidents and Wellness care, now only covers Accidents, but the price did NOT go down, it went up instead.

They just renewed the policy and hoped I would not catch the changes. If they were going to make a major change to my insurance policy, I would expect them to send me a letter that explained what they were going to do and why. The new policy has so many exceptions written down that they can basically refuse to pay for anything they don't want to pay for and can dream up a reason based on those exceptions.

I will not renew with them again and am currently looking for another insurance carrier.

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Dental Cleaning
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Cocker Spaniel

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 02/05/2013

I completely agree. I have identical scenario. Virtually covers nothing now. When I signed up the only things not covered were pre existing conditions and genetic disorders. Now there is over 20 classes of diagnosis without any mention in change in coverage. The only contact you will receive is your policy was renewed without any explanation in changes what so ever. You will be far ahead financially if you just save $50 a month and cover anything your pet needs. Being a healthcare professional myself you will most likely not use any of the nonexistent coverage they do provide. I strongly suggest using someone else or no coverage. The only good thing was fairly quick reimbursement within 3-4 weeks.