String is not your friend

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After dealing with thousands of $$$ in treatments for my very elderly cat (16 yrs and counting) for her hyperthyroid, when I got two new kitties from a pet rescue, I was determined to have pet insurance. Sprocket and Skittles have both been covered since they were 12 weeks old. This was a wise decision on my part. Sprocket is a string chewer. He's gnawed the fringe off shawls, the strands of my broom, any hanging threads off garments and twist ties from packaging. I sew, and although I was very vigilant with respect to needles and threads, Sprocket somehow managed to ingest some threads. My only sign he was ill was vomiting after dinner and a subdued demeanor. I listened to my nursing instincts and took him in to the vet immediately, rather than waiting until the morning. I'm glad I did. The vet discovered that Sprocket had thread wrapped around the base of his tongue, and the abdominal x-ray showed some suspicious dilated loops of small intestine. He had surgery that night to remove the thread from his tongue and a small abdominal incision to remove the ends in his gut. He was fortunate in that it was caught early enough to avoid any loss of bowel due to necrosis from strangulation by the thread. My total cost was over $1400. With the deductible and my coinsurance, Pet Plan reimbursed me for over $1000 within a week of filing my claim. No hassles, no quibbles. Smooth service. I've heartily recommended this plan to my friend and as far as I'm concerned it's paid for itself wi

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Ingestion of foreign object
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Mediumhair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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