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I recently found a lump on the side of one of my dogs, Charley. He is only 3 years old and I am sad to say it was found to be a mast cell tumor. It has been surgically removed, but there are cancerous cells left deep inside him where they could not get everything, which means he will need further treatment - possibly more surgery, radiation, or chemo. I will be consulting with a veterinary oncologist for him, but in the meantime, the wound where his surgery took place on his side has been difficult to heal. Stitches and staples have not been able to keep it properly closed so I have solution to clean it, antibiotics to help ward off infection, and pain medication to keep him comfortable. Through 6 visits to the vet with him in the last month and all the associated expenses, Healthy Paws has been there with great coverage, regular email updates to me about my claim process and timely reimbursements, not to mention the personal touch of inquiring about Charley's progress. Any time I have called to ask them a question, they have been so friendly and helpful. I have been so happy with their service so far and it is great to know I can count on them for that level of service as Charley and I continue treatment for his cancer so that I can focus on him getting well and not have to worry about any administrative hassles that so often come along with insurance claims. I know Charley will be o.k. and have many more healthy years ahead of him, and I will have Healthy Paws partially to

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