Banfield ripped off my young kid

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My son and his wife are very young and very poor. They really couldn't afford the rescue dog they took in, but were trying to do a good thing. When they took the dog for a check-up, someone at Banfield suckered them into a year-long commitment to automatic withdrawals from their checking account. Two months later they had to move to a new apartment that did not take pets so they found the dog a new home and "canceled" the policy with Banfield. Banfield made the withdrawal any way causing multiple overdraft fees. After further review I was able to establish that the contract binds them to continued payments for 9 months after they no longer own the dog! For my child, it’s been a bitter lesson about reading the fine print on contracts. I have two dogs and I will NEVER go to Banfield again! I will NEVER recommend them to anyone I know with a dog! And I do not Ever plan to go to the store associated with them because of this treatment!

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Posted: 07/19/2012

My husband and I happen to be young and poor. We also happen to have signed a contract with Banfield. We have 2 dogs. We have been dissatisfied but for different reasons than you.
It is clearly stated in the contract that it is binding for 12 months. Also the salesmen and saleswomen who are employed by Banfield aka vets/vet assistants/ receptionists etc explained it very clearly. Being young doesn't excuse a person from the law. Also a contract is meant for just these instances. It must be followed, according to what both parties agree to, for as long as both parties agree. Otherwise, as soon as one party got a whim to stop holding up their end of the bargain, they could just screw over the other party.

On another note and as a service to the animal community, people who cannot afford care for pets should not own them. Sometimes doing the right thing means NOT rescuing a pet, especially if you do not have the means to give the pet the care he/she deserves. Your son and his wife should never have rescued a pet they couldn't afford to care for OR moved into an apartment that took pets OR had the new owner take over the wellness plan payments. A pet is a lifelong committment, they have feelings, they're not disposable whenever one feels like it. Being young and poor doesn't excuse you from THINKING before signing a contract or getting a pet you can't afford.

Posted: 02/09/2012

Well, honestly... you cant hold any of that against banfield. That was your sons fault. before i signed up, i looked up reviews so I already knew I would be binded into a 1 year contract. Even if Ihadnt researched it, when Idid sign up, the employees very clearly explained the terms to me... and even if they hadnt, it was clearly stated in the contract. And mind you, this wasnt a 10 page contract to skim through.. it was one page and stated the 12 month agreement terms in multiple places, in bold print... So, banfield made it as clear as they possibly could. Yet somehow, some people still miss "the fine print" even when its in bold font, and then they want to be angry with banfield. If people werent so damn stupid, it wouldnt be an issue. I am young and poor too.. which is why i use my brain before making and financial commitments.