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I am a rescued dog lover. When I adopted Chloe, I was determined to get her different (and less aggravating) insurance than my other, older adopted dog, who is on VPI. I do not recommend VPI! Chloe clearly destined to be part of our family, as all of our dogs have been. Having been a longtime dog-mom, I waited to see if Chloe's illness was a passing bug, but when it persisted, I took her in. Despite being on year round heartworm preventative, it seems she had heartworm! It took tests to figure it out, plus the medication to treat it. I expected a fight to be reimbursed, or only a partial reimbursement, or a bunch of excuses from PetPlan-- insurance companies always try to get out of paying! I was wonderfully surprised that I submitted a bill and was promptly reimbursed (minus the deductible!). Color me impressed! I recommend them, and only wish my older doggie wasn't past the age limit to be on PetPlan!!!!

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$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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