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Daisy just turned 10 years old today! Woohoo!! I'm so thankful she's made it as the poor baby has been through a lot healthwise. We purchased VPI for her when she was a young puppy. She was diagnosed with immune mediated hemiolitic(?) anemia two days before she turned 3 years old. She was very healthy until then so we thought. VPI was there helping with her vet bills. The statistics showed that dogs don't live past 8 that have IMHA. The statistics were wrong in her case, and the disease never came back. Another incident required stitches in her side when she was playing with one of the big dogs and she scraped against a sharp object running through the yard (beware of sharp sides on old flower planters). VPI was there to help with that bill. Then a few years later, she accidentally ingested rat poisoning while visiting another. I immediately noticed the blue/green mouth and rushed her to the vet to have her stomach cleared and vitamin K regime started. VPI was there to help with those bills, and Daisy pulled through with flying colors. Then in 2008, Daisy was diagnosed with IBD/gastrointestinal disease. She's battled it now for the past 4 years, having been in "remission" for a few of those years on a special diet only for the IBD to rear its ugly head in January 2012. This year has been a rough one trying to juggle which meds work without giving her other complications. VPI has been there helping with those bills, too. I've been very pleased with VPI and wou

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IBD/gastrointestinal disease
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$100 - $500

American Cocker Spaniel

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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