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I felt compelled to write this review after my sister-in-law called me, confused over the different pet insurance policies she was reviewing for her new poodle puppy. She was about to select a competitor, let's call V.. I knew had some questionable practices as well as a 7.4 Consumer rating, and BBB rating of C-. (PetPlan has a 9.3 rating and BBB rating of A). Two years ago when I took out policies on my then 8 year old pugs, Desie and Della, I spent hours trying to make sense of which insurance company was "best". PetPlan by far had the best ratings and a no nonsense, easy to understand policy. Be careful if an insurance company wants to pay based on "their" payment schedule, not the actual cost of the procedure at your vet. Also, be careful to select a company that will cover congenital and hereditary conditions, of which V... either does not or has so many limitations they even say on their site...other conditions are excluded that may not be listed here. So, let me tell you my story. I had PetPlan insurance for right at a year when Della, my 9 year old pug, stopped eating, suddenly. I took her to the vet but her condition quickly worsened with vomiting and diarrhea. Within a month, and many vet visits, including to Texas A&M Vet Clinic, she was diagnosed with Lymphangiectasia,either primary or secondary to IBD. This is a very deadly intestinal disorder that causes the dog to lose protein from their intestine, vomit, and basically waste away as they quit eating. The p

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IBD and lymphangiectasia
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Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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