Total Hip Replacement, Total Success

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We are the happy "parents" of a beautiful 1 1/2 year old chocolate lab named Marley. We decided when we first got him that we were going to get pet insurance on him, since he was a pure-bred lab & we were concerned about the possibility of congenital diseases we had read about. We chose PetPlan for his insurance after shopping around online, as it appeared to be the best combination of coverage, price & ratings. We are so glad we did, since Marley was diagnosed before he was even one year old with hip dysplasia in both of of his hips, The left was said to have practically no joint at all, and the right was somewhat better. The recommendation was for total hip replacement of the left hip & take a "wait and see" attitude on the right hip. Early in 2012 we took this approach and are delighted with the results. Our sweet, affectionate puppy that was showing more signs of lameness as time went by. After surgery and a recovery period of several months, we appear to have the healthy, happy puppy we thought we had gotten the previous year. All of this was done with minimal expense and no hassle whatsoever in getting it paid for. Of the over $4400 in bills for the treatment, PetPlan took care of more than $3300 after deductibles, co-payments and a few exclusions.

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