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My policy in two years has increased by $193.91. The first renewal increase was $74.06 due to a change in underwriting companies which I was not pleased with. I called to ask why my policy is renewing with an increase of $119.85 this year and I was advised it is due to inflation of vet costs in my area. I feel confident that my vet's pricing has not inflated on par w/ this increase. The customer service representative Norma was not polite, having worked in a call center, you do not respond rudely to your customers or back talk them the way Norma did. After stating it was inflation, she then backtracked and came up with a new explanation about a discount no longer being available and in essence, I should be thankful I even received the discount so my policy only increased the $74.06 on the first renewal. I have never had a claim with this company, but at the cost of insurance in this economic recession, I can't afford to insure my animal and throw hundred's of dollars away on peace of mind. There is nothing peaceful about this. In a few years of payment, especially with this type of increase, I will have paid equivalent to what my policy covers for my dog as a maximum payout benefit. I would rather not help Pet Plan's profit margin with customer service like theirs. They are doing a fine job of gouging customers just like health insurers for people. If you want to double your policy premium in 2 years and be spoken to rudely, then this is the company for you!

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Posted: 09/21/2012

I see where you might be upset from increases in premiums. But having a 2 1/2 yr old GSD who was diagnosed with malignant cancer, I have researched the cancer rate, and it is up almost 300% since 2010. And with the astronomical costs of cancer treatment, having PetPlan is the only chance my dog has. I pay about $500 a year for Leo, and if his premium increased to $1000 next year, I would do it without hesitation. It's easy to be pissed about insurance prices, until something happens that costs $10K + to fix and you are covered. They are the #1 pet insurer, and if something happens to your pet and you canceled your policy for something as petty as a couple hundred bucks, you would probably never forgive yourself when you had to put your friend down cause you couldnt afford the $10K surgery...