we are glad we have this insurance for our dog.

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i cannot tell you how often my husband and i talk up your pet insurance...this is our first dog and we are old and this dog is like our third child...i argued with my husband because originally he could not see the merit in getting the dog insured. i thought that if we grow to love this dog, which we did more than i could imagine possible, then it would be HORRENDOUS, if we had to choose between saving the dog with an operation or just not...why would you ever want that decision to haunt you if you could ward it off with a small fee...so yes i convinced him we must break down and spend a little money...and in that first year, to my horror, my dog went out into our backyard and got bit on the muzzle by what i think was either a possum or a raccoon...her face swelled up, she could not breath, it was frightful and i did not think twice about taking her for what turned out to be an overnight stay at the animal hospital because SHE WAS INSURED. the end. dr. nancy elliott.

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my dog got bit by a raccoon or possum
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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