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My pet is a 5 month old puppy. She is a good puppy but is a chewer. Anything on the floor goes straight into her mouth. I also had a very careless roommate. who has on two separate occasions has dropped a marijuana cigarette on the floor and my puppy ate part of it. My Puppy weighs less than 3 pounds. First time she spent 1 night in the emergency animal hospital. The second time only 2 weeks later she spent 2 nights and 1 day in the emergency animal hospital. Much to my surprise the second time it was marijuana mixed with PCP. My puppy pulled through but I told my roommate she had to leave and find a new place to live. I do not allow drugs in my home. I knew she smoked marijuana for medical purposes but the PCP was too much. I thought Trupanion was going to cancel my policy because of 2 claims within less than a month on a policy I have had for only 2 months, but they did not. They quickly paid both my claims. I have and will continue to recommend them to everyone I know who has a pet. They are great!!

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toxin injested
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Under a year

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