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Over the years and to-date, I have had multiple pets insured with Petplan. Although I have filed very few claims, I've had no complaints about coverage or reimbursements.
I recently adopted a now three-month old German Shepherd mix puppy and planned to enroll him with PetPlan. When I spoke with a representative, the initial quote was quite high, but was later modified.

What was stunning, however, is that PetPlan now requires that anyone seeking coverage for a dog have its knees examined by a veterinarian and cleared. I could understand a requirement like this for breeds prone to luxating patellas, but a blanket requirement seemed excessive.

Since my puppy was due to receive his final set of shots, I did have his knees, hips and elbows palpated and received a medical clearance verifying his orthopedic soundness. However, when I called to write the policy, I was told that the orthopedic clearance had to occur AFTER the policy had been written and was in force; otherwise, there would be a waiting period before knees would be covered. I explained that the exam had been implemented two days before and that I had the veterinarian's notes verifying the puppy's soundness.

The representative was unyielding, stating that I would have to bring the puppy back to my veterinarian once the policy had been written and have a second orthopedic examination. Thus, my puppy would have to make a return visit to the vet days after the last one and be subjected to the stress of a ca

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