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02/08/2012 - The LabraMutts and their Pet Parents:
The new options in Wellness Rewards and Wellness Rewards Plus are fantastic! Who can turn down a free $101.00 or $51.00? Smart move for Embrace to encourage better preventive treatments!

We've never been disappointed since we signed up for a policy on all 3 of our shelter/rescue dogs in June 2007. We love being able to pick and choose coverage that fits our budget - in our case we were originally looking for major illness/accident coverage. However, when the Wellness Rewards Program started, we jumped on that, too!

They were there for us through the tough times when our eldest dog, Homer, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and wasn't with us long after his diagnosis. They are there now as we make decisions regarding a total hip replacement for the youngest dog, Justy, even offering ideas to help our situation (live in a house on 14' stilts requires a full flight of stairs to enter and exit the house - a BIG no-no for a few weeks after this procedure).

We love being Embraced by Embrace Pet Insurance!

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Nail trim and more over the years
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$500 - $1000

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