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I have been an RN in a busy ER for years and know what the human AND animal medical industry has been like for well over 25 years. I purchased VPI insurance for my three dogs (one policy each). I had a medical/dental/insurance file on each of my dogs and was following the instructions for claims etc. to the letter until after the fourth or fifth year of religiously paying our premiums I was informed the policy had changed more than 2 years prior when I submitted a claim for routine dental cleaning was no longer covered on the policy we had. Never were we advised, provided the option to "upgrade" from our "premium policy" to their "new premium policy" and my years of paying premiums on my three dogs went out the window. What I paid (amortized) as the deductible and premiums vs what I would have simply paid for the routine vaccines and other care my dogs received were definitely not a bargain and knowing how meticulously my records are kept (almost to an OCD level with my pets) I was abhored that there was no notice in the change. I asked for documentation of the change (month/date, etc) and was pretty much told "it had been sent in the mail; sorry you don't have it." This is truly sad as I changed from my pre-med in veterinary medicine 30 years ago because I could not see putting animals to sleep to "people/human medicine" but either way, this is a business...and customer service is paramount.

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no illness/general dental care
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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