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Just a few comments about my experience with Petplan. Purchased the $200.00 deductible plan when I received my dog CoCo as a pup. That's been nearly 7-years ago. I'm not the richest, nor am I the smartest individual in the world, so I had to give this some thought - "insurance for a dog." With some encouragement from the wife I purchased it figuring "what a waste of money," I'll never use it. As the time went by and the wife and I grew even closer to CoCo, I continued to pay my Petplan bill every 3-months, still thinking "insurance for a dog, what a waste of money". As the years continued to fly by, with the wife and I bonding even closer to CoCo it happened, she got sick to the extent I thought she was dying in early 2011 - what a sad affair. With no results, we took her to the local vet's which cost in the hundreds. We wound up having to take her to a specialist which has cost in the thousands. I'm no doctor, don't understand the "mumble gumble", but she was diagnosed with a respirtory problem that requires frequent follow-ups to the specialist and she's on a prescription that costs $100.00 a month. The moral of my story - you can trust Petplan. For all the money spent on CoCo for this illness, only $200.00 for the deductible has left my wallet - the program I signed up for. The paperwork involved in a claim - very simple. Submit one paper completed by the doctor along with the billing. Their claims department emails they received the paperwork and soon after you have a che

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