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Our 3 year old English Bulldog had a luxating patella in her left rear leg. It took a couple of vet appointments for it to be correctly diagnosed as we first thought it was an ACL injury.
Knowing we had Embrace Pet Insurance was a relief as we had a labrador mix that need to have an ACL surgically repaired about 5 years ago. We didn't have insurance for her and had to absurd the whole cost of the surgery. Not this time!

We were able to schedule Lexie's surgery right away for the day after she was diagnosed. The quicker a luxating patella is corrected the better chance they'll have for a full recovery without ongoing issues.

Lexie is doing great now. She still has a way to go to rehabilitate her knee but she is ahead of schedule. She has about 3 more months of recovery time to call the surgery a complete success. We would not have been able to afford the cost of the surgery without Embrace Pet Insurance.

Lexie's half-sister belongs to my mother-in-law. Knowing that this may have been a genetic issue we talked my mother-in-law into purchasing a new policy for her half-sister as she had let the coverage lapse. Lexie's half sister is now covered by Embrace and passed her orthopedic exam with flying colors.

We are fortunate enough to have thought ahead and purchased our policy after our original AKC plan was set to renew at about 10 times the original cost. The Embrace cost has gone up a little each year but nothing like how our old AKC plan was set to increase.

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Luxating Patella
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English Bulldog

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