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Beware. Our dog has food allergies, which I could easily have avoided finding out about OR paying extra money to test. Anything wrong with my dog is now denied because of his "pre-existing" allergy condition. I could have chosen to be like 90% of pet owners and just ignored it, but I want my pup as healthy as possible. Therefore, I spent lots of money to get to the bottom of it and now I am penalized by Trupanion for every claim going forward. I pay over $300 a month on special grain free kibble from New Zealand. I am betting if he has an accident they will say that it because of his food allergies. Bottom line, they are going to try and do everything possible to get out of paying your claim.

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Eye problem

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$100 - $500

Bernese Mountain Dog

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1 - 8

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Posted: 07/24/2012

Hey Heidi-
Without details on your policy, I can't comment on your specific claim, but I am sorry you've had a frustrating experience with us. My Cocker Spaniel has allergies that we haven't been able to get a handle on, so I know how frustrating allergies can be and just how quickly the monthly dog food bill adds up with those awesome foods.

While I'm unable to discuss your particular claim, I would like to clarify how we look at pre-existing conditions. We consider any condition that showed signs or symptoms prior to your enrollment with us (or during the waiting periods just after your enrollment) to be a pre-existing condition. This means that even if you hadn't been a great pet-owner and gotten him tested/treated, the signs/symptoms still would have been present prior to coverage, making the condition pre-existing.

When we're looking at future claims, we look at the doctors' notes (for both the current issue and the previous issues) to see if the symptoms and/or doctors' notes connect the two issues. The past issues and current/future issues need to have a solid connection for us to consider them linked.

For example: if your dog got into the garbage as a puppy and was treated for stomach issues, we aren't going to now say ALL stomach issues are pre-existing in the future. If that incident was the start of a chronic problem or your vet's notes said the conditions were somehow linked, THEN we would consider future issues pre-existing. If he happened to get a parasite years later, that obviously would have nothing to do with eating garbage as a puppy, so the condition would be claimable unless the vet's notes told us otherwise.

If you and your vet feel that the claimed issue is unrelated to the symptoms he showed prior to your enrollment, you're more than welcome to submit an appeal. To appeal your denied claim, we would just need a letter from your vet explaining why they feel the two issues are medically unrelated. Once that letter is received, we're happy to take a second look at your claim.

If you'd like to discuss your particular claim in more detail, or have any other questions, I'm happy to personally help out. You can reach me directly at 1-800-569-7913 x5864.