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2011 was not the kindest year for my dear little 7 year old Hugo, a 10 lb. toy poodle. At the beginning of the year he almost died from hemorrhagic enterities and then at the end of the year he had another similar experience--both emergency vet stays of course on Sundays which meant a lot more financial cost. Then he was diagnosed with luxating patellas and even worse, degenerative disc disease which involved some amazing accupuncture and chiropratic treatments which were so helpful. Thank goodness I had just changed over from a pet insurance which I was NOT happy with to Embrace. From the very get-go of filling out the forms, etc. I recognized how organized they are. As well, the follow up is amazing and so personal. Lastly, the reimbursements are speedy and I have them go directly in my bank account which makes the whole thing so easy. Thank goodness for Embrace!!!! I would heartily recommend them for any pet owner.

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luxating patellas and degenerative disc disease
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Toy Poodle

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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