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I have a 4 year old Boston Terrier who has unfortunately been through a lot in terms of medical issues and veterinary care. About 2 years ago, she began showing symptoms of a neurological disorder. She lost almost all strength in her front limbs, couldn't hold herself up to eat, was constantly trembling and couldn't run without falling. It was so sad to see my 2 year old dog, who was acting like a puppy just days ago, deteriorating before me. Thankfully, I never had to make a choice between getting the best care for her and if I could afford it as I knew this would be covered. She underwent numerous tests including a CT scan and spinal tap. The results showed fluid accumulation and swelling on one side of her brain. The cause was unknown but she was prescribed medicine to help keep her stable until we found out more. I had absolutely no issues submitting a claim including all veterinary costs associated with this diagnosis and no issues receiving reimbursement.
Fast forward 2 years, she is doing 100% better regarding her neurological condition but has now developed diabetes. This diagnosis has been very expensive as she needs to be monitored by a vet every so often until her blood glucose is in an acceptable range. This involves many stays at the vet, testing and the cost of insulin. PetPlan again has been wonderful through it all. I was shocked to receive my first reimbursement for this diagnosis within 1 week of submitting that claim! I have submit 3 claims thus for and

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Neurological & Diabetes
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Boston Terrier

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