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I have 3 boxers. Zeus, Zoe and Ziggy. All of them have had VPI from day one. I often tell my friends, the dogs have better heath coverage than I do. I wouldn't be without it. We use it for all the dogs health issues from major to routine issues. Our dogs are like family to us and their health is very important. We decided we didn't want to have to make difficult decisions based on our ability to pay vet bills, which can be very expensive. We use it for vaccinations and check ups and preventative care as well as for immediate situations. Several years ago, Zoe had gotten shot and her front leg had to be removed. After only 3 months of coverage, VPI paid all but $500 of the $3500 procedure. We might have had to let her go if we had to pay that ourselves. Recently, Zeus, our older male has developed thyroid issues. Its required multiple visits and our vet just faxes over the forms and within a month, I'm getting payment. Our youngest, Ziggy needs uses the flea and heartworm med coverage too. They are fast,efficient and I think, affordable compaired to huge vet bill that could cost me more than just money. I've used VPI for nearly 10 years now and I'm so grateful for the protection and peace of mind.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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