Increase in premium as they like

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Unsure how this company keeps getting positive reviews. They increase your premium every year. If your dog is healthy, they will still increase your premium. There should be a reward for getting in early, not increase as you get older. How can I stop my dog from getting older? unbelievable.
yr 1: 40 - that's how they draw you in
yr 2: 47
yr 3: 58

0 claims.

Will be deciding whether or not I continue with them. I haven't experienced what they will do if I made a claim.

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Mixed Breed Giant (90 Lbs +)

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1 - 8

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Posted: 04/07/2021


We understand no one likes any form of premium increase. From your review, it sounds as though you haven't had to file any claims and we hope you don't have to--this means your pet is healthy and accident free. Our management team works hard to keep our premiums as low as possible while still providing comprehensive coverage. New technology, advancements in veterinary treatments, and overall claim costs are taken into consideration when assessing our rates. Premiums are determined based on the rates and rating rules filed and approved within each state’s Department of Insurance. These reflect the cost of treatment, advances in veterinary medicine (including specialty care), your individual pet’s breed, gender, age and other factors, in addition to the overall claims experience for the program within the region your pet resides. As a result, we need to increase the premium level for all pets in your state so your pet can have continued access to the best veterinary care. All pet insurance companies, no matter how they market their benefits, will raise rates to keep up with the rapidly rising cost of specialty and emergency care. We do our best to be transparent regarding annual premium increases by including this information on the "Frequently Asked Questions" page of our website. Give your pup a big hug from us.

The Healthy Paws Team

Posted: 04/08/2021

I wanted to thank everyone for the reviews on the price increases! I was just about to purchase this insurance but came here and saw so many reviews saying the same thing about astronomical price increases. I chose to go with another company thanks to these reviews. Thank you for posting!