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After a diagnosis of hip dysplasia, my 16 month old English Mastiff puppy quickly developed a perforated ulcer and peritonitis (both life threatening conditions) after being put on meloxicam. He went through three surgeries and was in around the clock ICU for two weeks, one of those weeks being at the best vet specialist in Nashville. He was given highly advanced, extremely expensive treatments, including four rounds of plasma at $750.00 each. Unfortunately, although he successfully fought and survived two weeks of potentially fatal conditions, he developed bacterial endocarditis and an antibiotic resistant infection, both very rare and fatal complications. When we realized that he would not ultimately survive, I had to make the hardest decision I've ever had to make and have my baby put to sleep to end his discomfort. Harley's vet bills totaled just over $14,000.00 (yes, you read that right). Due to the life threatening condition of the situation, Petplan covered 100% of Harley's bills, (even at the emergency specialist), minus my $200.00 deductible and the $170.00 for his cremation. Total expenses for me was $370.00 of the $14,000.00. Since I had the gold plan, $1,000.00 towards the overall amount we paid for him initially was also reimbursed due to his death. When all of the claims were paid, I ended up spending $0 and was able to have the reassurance that I literally exhausted every option available in an attempt to keep him alive and with me. I paid $60.00 per month for

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Perforated ulcer/complications
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