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I've had positive experience with another pet insurance company, but my shelter kittens were microchipped through these guys, so I decided to just keep things simple by activating the insurance policy with 24 Hour Pet Watch as well, even though it was a little more expensive. The rep managed to sell me on the wellness rider, which I foolishly didn't read thoroughly. The rep told me all vaccines were covered at $15, as were fecal exams. I assumed that coverage would be comparable to the wellness rider I'd had with my other company, which was very comprehensive. Turns out, neither FERV nor feline leukemia were covered. In fact, for standard feline vaccines only rabies and RCP are covered. Nor is flea and tick preventive covered, which also was under my previous policy. Furthermore, they didn't reimburse for the fecal screen that revealed parasites and giardia because they decided that was a preexisting condition and the screen was diagnostic, not wellness (what vet orders a fecal screen unless for diagnosis??). I bought this policy within one week of adopting baby kittens, while they were still theoretically covered by the shelter insurance. They allowed no grace period between the coverage from the shelter policy to mine, because technically it was a different policy # even if it was through their company and for the same animals. So having purchased the insurance fairly immediately and with no indication that we had anything out of the digestive ordinary for baby kittens, we are now hundreds of dollars into diagnostics and treatments, with nothing reimbursed beyond $15 for a single vaccine. And, since that measly claim was processed and went through, the wellness rider has technically been invoked so I can no longer request cancellation and refund for it. I will, however, be cancelling the whole policy ASAP and will never do business with this company again. I wish I'd read their reviews before jumping in. Now that I'm reading equally bad experiences with the microchip side of things, I'm crossing my fingers I never have to update our information for that.

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