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Well I have to say the people at Benfield are over worked and their is not enough help, I had one bad experience with the person at the front desk, she was not educated and screwed so many appointments, they have sence let her go, yes vet bills can be expensive but know what your getting self into when you own a pet, no different than a child. As far as the health plan, I have two dogs one is on the puppy plan the other is on the Optimize Plan so far I have saved $4589.00 in bills. So this plan is worth it if you ask me. There is no way I would be able to pay $4589.00 out of pocket, and futhur more I had a dog on a plan and it died, yes they made me pay for 6 more months which I think is terrible, but once again know what you are signing. I paid it and moved on. I suggest we all do the same.

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