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I had one minor problem, which was an ear infection not being covered because it was a "pre-existing condition"...even though it was cured the first time. I was assured that this could be rectified with documentation from my vet, but getting this done from the vet's office is proving to be difficult. At any rate, dogs do get recurring infections!
The other issue was the massive increase after one year of service. 28%! I can understand that increases will happen annually, but at this rate, my premium will be over $200 within a few years!

The last problem I have with them is the deductible. It is not annual, but per incident. That is a bit much, as well, if the dog has to go to the vet more than once in a year.

I am currently negotiating with another company with unlimited benefits, annual deductibles, 10%copay, and they also cover hip displasia! They also assure me that rate increases average around 9% annually, which is much better to swallow!

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Ear Problem

Claim Amount
Under $100

Pit Bull

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 12/06/2011

Hi Matthew,To comment on our deductible, it is a lifetime deductible meaning if your pet were to get a chronic, recurring condition, the deductible would only have to be met once for the life of your pet for that condition.

I do apologize for the frustration that your premium notice may have caused you, however this isn't expected to occur in this manner year over year.
The reason for this is that we haven't updated premiums in some areas since we began selling policies there (up to 4 years ago in some states). This year, we reached a point at which we had enough data to bring premiums up-to-date with what they should actually cost. Because some premiums were essentially 4 years out of date, this is why you may have seen such a significant change.
In the future, adjustments will occur in a more timely manner to reflect the actual cost of pet care for your individual pet (based on the averages of its breed, age at enrollment, geographical location, and deductible chosen). If the average pet like yours is receiving increased health care in a given time period, then you would see a slight increase, but if that pet on average has been generally healthy and making fewer trips to the vet then you would see a slight decrease. Premiums are directly based around the average pet like yours based on the factors mentioned above so when you see an increase in your premium, that is a sign that the average pet like yours is making more trips to the veterinarian.
I encourage you to learn more about our pricing here: http://trupanion.com/why-trupanion/value

Posted: 12/09/2011

What company are you negotiating with? The saame thing jusy happened to me with Trupanion.