They would take my money and provide me nothing

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I extremely unhappy with the service provided by Embrace. At their advisement, we had the vet provide an orthopedic exam for our puppy which was not required to ensure that should our puppy break a leg or something in the upcoming 6 months, it would be covered. After making a note on the exam, Embrace felt it incumbent upon them to deny a string of "potential" issues that, as expressed by our vet, were unrelated.
Making things even worse, when inquiring with "Claims Embracer", she acknowledged that had we not done the suggested exam and been less responsible puppy parents, our puppy would have likely been covered. When attempting to address this concern, she sidestepped the issue and effectively told me (not in so many words) that they would be happy to continue taking my money even though they wouldn't be willing to provide coverage.

To be fair, I like this company on paper. They provide rates that appear competitive and they offer policy options that are flexible to most needs. My experience with them however, told another story.

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