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We purchased the gold plan for our Boston Terrier puppy the week we brought her home, in November 2008. We initially purchased Pet Plan because of the raving reviews here, the way we could choose our deductible and co-insurance amounts, that payments are made based on actual charges, reasonable(but not the best) premiums, coverage for hereditary/genetic disorders, and that the representative(Mike) told me the policy was guaranteed renewable, (which as soon as we received our policy, we realized was a lie.)
We are on the $20,000 gold plan, with a $200 deductible and 100% coinsurance.

Our dog is now 3 years old and has never been to the vet for more than a routine visit, other than when she was spayed. We have never submitted a claim to Pet Plan. Last year, our renewal was an increase of 13.5%. We thought this was excessive, but accepted it. This year, our renewal came in at 25.5%! This is $122.71 more per year than we were initially paying.

We have been recommending Pet Plan to every new puppy parent we met at day care, dog parks, agility trials, on forums, etc. But we will now be pet insurance shopping again ourselves.

How in the world can they justify renewals like this for a perfectly healthy dog?

So I caution, if you are choosing pet plan based on value, be aware significant premium increases are a part of their business model. What you pay in Year 1 may change drastically, regardless of whether or not you use the plan.

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Posted: 11/01/2011

I'm finding a similar situation for my cat policy. My premiums have increased greatly over the last three years and so much this year that I had to call them. The rep gave me a shpeel about costs going up in my area and that up to 11 years of age the costs will increase and then stabilize. That was the generic explanation.She was not consistent in her answer about what my costs will be next year: first they would increase with potential increase in costs in my areas, then they will be the same as my cat will be over 11. My problem with it is that unlike other insurance companies...Pet plan does not say this anywhere or at least I cannot locate this information. (I only found out about increases in petpplan from other insurance websites)The phone rep said it was in the terms and conditions but I cannot find it anywhere in my Gold plan. I emailed them for an exact answer. If anyone knows where it says this...and the premiums are not just randomly/haphazardly placed on the customers please post. Something is just fishy here and its infortunate because I purchased this insurance based on all the good reviews.