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I truly cannot express my gratitude towards Healthy Paws in one review. We have a 6 month old Labradoodle puppy with a multitude of health problems. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we needed pet insurance as my parents had 2 boys live to 16 and 18 years old. Rooney, my puppy, contracted a nasty bacterial infection from kissing ALL of the dogs at the dog park. He shouldn't have been punished for being so lovey!! Anyways, fast forward a couple months and his frontal sinus and middle ear were FILLED with fluid and gunk. From diagnosis and treatment to finally surgery and recovery, Rooney's care has been the BEST possible because we are able to use Healthy Paws pet insurance. Vets will typically give you care options based on costs, invasiveness, how proactive you want to be, etc and with Healthy Paws, money was no factor in determining what kind of care Rooney would get. We have been filing at least one claim a week for the last couple of months between exams, tests, ER visits and surgery and they are ALWAYS processed quickly... sometimes the vet will fax it in right when we leave the clinic and before we even get out of the parking lot, I get an email saying the claim is in process. That kind of service is AMAZING!! Reimbursement checks get to us in a week or sometimes sooner. Seriously, I can't thank HP enough for providing such great insurance!! Now, there's no cap on how much benefit a pet can receive, so that is such a relief!! We're talking THOUSANDS in vet bills fo

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Ear Problem

sinus problem
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Over $1000


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Under a year

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