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Trupanion pets lead longer happier lives.1 Pets insured with Trupanion lived longer than pets without Trupanion because pet parents didn’t have to worry about the cost of the care their pet needed. Depending on the plan Trupanion covers up to 90% of eligible expenses, has unlimited payouts-always, and can pay your vet bill, within seconds, at time of checkout, so all you pay is your portion (anything not covered by Trupanion). They have transformed the way pet insurance handles claims by eliminating the reimbursement process. Trupanion was founded in Canada and provides bets-in-class coverage and is dedicated to helping pets we love get the care they need. They’ve been around for more than 20 years, making them experts and setting standards for the industry. One perk of this, and what they pride themselves on, is the amount they pay out to pet owners for each claim. Paying out more on the dollar than any other pet insurance provider. To date they have paid out $2 Billion in claims and have insured nearly 1 million pets. To put it simply, there is a reason why 98.7% of Trupanion members stay enrolled every month. 1Based on a December, 2020 Trupanion study analyzing third party hospital claims data comparing pets insured with a Trupanion policy to pets without a Trupanion policy. *Terms and conditions apply. Please view your sample policy for complete coverage details. Underwritten in Canada by Omega General Insurance Company and in the United States by American Pet Insurance Company and ZPIC Insurance Company, 6100-4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108. Administered in Canada by Canada Pet Health Insurance Services, Inc. dba trupanion and in the United States by Trupanion Managers USA, Inc. (CA license No. 0G22803, NPN 9588590). Please visit to review all available pet health insurance products.

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POSTED: | BY: Kira


If you think of your pet as your child, then Trupanion will be by your side. My Maremma Sheepdog is going to be six years old and has recently gone through ACL surgery. My friends & co-workers thought I was stupid for getting insurance when Kira was six months old. The same people are now feeling stupid for judging me. If Kira lives a happy healthy 15 years, it's priceless to know that I have done everything possible to make her life great! Thanks to Trupanion, I know i've done my job as a responsible pet owner.

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POSTED: | BY: Kevin -

First claim ever

We chose trupanion after several research and we had to submit a claim a few months after subscription, for urticaria. At our great surprise, 90% of the cost have been covered by the policy, even the 100$ emergency fee because there was no clinic open during the weekend of the illness.

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POSTED: | BY: Dana

Trupanion Rocks!!!

Trupanion is great! I've submitted two claims & received a check within two weeks of submission. I feel happy knowing that my pooch is covered by a reliable & affordable pet insurance company.

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POSTED: | BY: Patrick

Great service, quick claim processing

Several years ago I spent $3,000 on vet bills for an older cat, and the aftermath of the expenses crippled me financially for a long time. I recently got a new cat, and decided to go with Trupanion insurance based on a friend's recommendation, hoping to avoid the same pitfalls that I encountered with pets in the past. About a month ago my cat Wiley, who is only two years old, had a urethral blockage and required $3,000 worth of treatment. Trupanion ended up covering almost $2,400 of the vet costs, without which I would not have been able to give him the treatment that he needed. They processed the claim within several days, and their customer service and professionalism were outstanding. Thanks to Trupanion Wiley is doing great, and I would whole-heartedly recommend their service for anyone that has new pets. The cost per month is very reasonable, so anyone should feel very comfortable hopping on board with Trupanion.

out of 5

POSTED: | BY: Colin

Trupanion is great

Trupaion has been great since day 1 - Have submitted one claim and extremley happy with how quickly the processed it and sent me a check. Would (and have) recommended to all of my friends and family who have pets!

Monthly Cost

Monthly cost varies due to multiple factors including: species, breed, age at enrollment, gender, and postal code.


One simple plan covers new injuries and illnesses, hereditary, congenital, and chronic conditions—once the deductible is met, Trupanion pays 90% of the remaining invoice. To view a full list of inclusions and exclusions, check out our sample policy here.

Payout Limits

Unlimited lifetime payouts on eligible conditions with no payout limits-ever.


You can choose your deductible from $0 – $1000, in $5 increments, to fit your budget. Trupanion offers a lifetime, per condition deductible meaning that once the deductible is met for an eligible condition, you never have to meet it again. That condition is covered for life. This is great for chronic conditions that can span the entirety of a pet’s life such as allergies or cancer.

Age Limits

All pets under 14 years old can enroll. Once enrolled, pets stay insured regardless of age.

Waiting Period

Accidents: 5 days Illnesses: 30 days Other providers may have additional waiting periods for congenital conditions like hip dysplasia, Trupanion does not.


Trupanion was developed to protect you and your pet from unexpected illnesses and injuries. That means we don’t cover “predictable” care costs that you can plan ahead for, like: Examination fees Wellness and preventive care Elective, or cosmetic procedures Sales tax, where applicable Like all pet insurance providers, Trupanion does not cover pre-existing conditions. Whichever insurer you choose, it pays to enroll early! *Terms and conditions apply. Please view your sample policy for complete coverage details.  
Trupanion was founded in 2000 with the goal to help pet owners plan for the unexpected and take the cost out of the care equation. They believe that the pets—and the veterinary professionals who help them—deserve better. That’s why Trupanion is a proud member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association. Our members know we’re ahead of the pack, because there’s pet insurance—then there’s Trupanion: 24/7/365 Member Support—yes, even on holidays 20+ years of experience $2 Billion paid in claims Over 800,000 pets protected Unlimited Payouts The only provider that can pay your veterinarian directly at checkout* Accepted everywhere in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia * At participating hospitals Trupanion is a registered trademark owned by Trupanion, Inc. Underwritten in the United States by American Pet Insurance Company and in Canada by Omega General Insurance Company  

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