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I chose Pets Best based on all the great reviews here. I checked out their website, and I liked that they seemed to cover more things than their competitors -- especially when it came to wellness and dental -- and do the 80/20 reimbursement vs the predetermined coverage amount approach. Their prices were also pretty reasonable (about $35/month for accident, wellness and dental for a 2 y/o cat).
I stayed with Pets Best for about year and recently left to switch to Embrace. I should have read the fine print better when I signed up for Pets Best, but I left when I learned their deductible is per incident (like car insurance) -- not annually (like health insurance for people).

I just felt like I was not truly getting a value for my money. I filed one claim all year -- about $650 to biopsy, diagnose and treat feline granuloma (a randomly-occurring autoimmune skin flare-up - kind of like canker sores in people). After the deductible ($250), co-pay ($75) and the amount not covered ($25 for medical waste fee and optional fluoride treatment for teeth), I got back around $300, which is a little less than what I paid in annual premiums. I wasn't even breaking even.

I was disappointed, though I assumed that I met my deductible for the year and that I'd just have to take this initial hit before the true benefit of having insurance would kick in for the next incident... but I decided to double-check to make sure my assumption was correct. Glad I did, as the agent explained to me t

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 03/11/2011

Thanks for your comments, Jessica. There are pros and cons to both annual and per-incident deductibles. Pets Best Insurance plans have per-incident deductibles which means the deductible must be met for each separate incident. An incident is defined as a specifically identifiable accident or illness. Recurring and/or chronic conditions are considered as one incident. The advantage of a per-incident deductible over an annual deductible is that if your pet has a chronic condition like allergies, diabetes or cancer, the deductible only needs to be met one time and not once per year.