Sure am glad I bought Pet Insurance!

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Sarah is a 7 month old min pin with a sweet tooth! While at the pet sitters Sarah and my pet sitters puppy found and devoured dark chocolate. Apparently, she was given the chocolate as a gift for Valentines day and had no idea it was even in the house. My horrified pet sitter immediately brought both dogs to the emergency vets for treatment. When I saw the vet bills, I was dumbstruck. Yikes!
When I decided to add a puppy to the household the next big decision was whether or not to purchase pet insurance. Popular websites and consumer reports both discouraged it saying that it was not a good value but my head said....”this is a puppy, they eat everything” so I purchased Pet Plan and believe me, I’m glad I did!

While my pet sitter was burdened with her entire vet bill, PetPlan reimbursed every penny, minus my deductable and co-pay. I was astonished when I received a check in the mail 7 workdays after filing. That is amazing! The addition of claims filing/tracking/problem notification to the website is truly a value added function.

Trust me, get this insurance, disaster will happen!

Mary & Sarah

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Chocolate ingestion
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Miniature Pinscher

Age of Pet
Under a year

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