SCAM--You'll do better with a smaller vet office

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Banfield wellness plan is a complete SCAM. It is advertised to be a "premium" service and discount plan; it is neither. We made our first appointment, showed up on-time (5 min early) but were made to wait OVER AN HOUR while a walk-in (not in any distress or other emergency need, which I would understand if it were, but it was NOT!) was taken ahead of us during our scheduled appointment time. THEN, we got a price quote for a needed surgery, the "special plan discounted price" was over $1250 (and according to their paperwork, that was saving us a bundle). Went and priced the same surgery at the local home-tome vet office: $250 out the door, same surgery, and a much more personalized service and more knowledgeable veterinarian. Banfield is nothing but a scam. They also make it nearly impossible to cancel, stating that you have to cancel during a very small window on the anniversary date of the sign-up. Don't fall for this one! Dispute the charges with your credit card company if they won't cancel after extremely unacceptable service!

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 10/25/2011

Thank you for your review. I agree totally. My daughter is devestated, she lost her dog in a fire and they are insisting she pay the remainder of the plan. She lost everything she owned and they are very unsympathetic and she has already paid them so much for unnecessary medications, visits, I don't see where the insurance has really covered anything.