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I just renewed my policy with VPI for the 9th time and was very surprised to see that my benifits went up while my payments went down! I was so shocked I actually had to call to make sure that I wasn't misunderstanding it. The customer service representative confirmed that I did indeed have better options for my dog Hollys plan. Luckily, we haven't had any MAJOR claims with Holly as her health has been good, but every single claim that I have submitted was paid within 2 weeks, and never denied. Holly is now considered a senior (shhhhh don't tell her, she has no idea) and I would never condsider not having insurance for her. Every contact I have had with VPI has been a positive one. Over the past years all of claims were paid promptly. Many people claim that VPI has a lower "normal and customary" then their vet charges. I had the same thing in NY, however, now that we live in PA, I noticed that the normal and customary amounts fall right in line with what my vet charges.

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