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When our 6 month old long hair chihuahua suffered a huge break on his back leg (Tibial crest fracture and proximal tibia fracture) while running at a dog park, I went into panic mode. Not only from the trauma of what he was going through but also trying to figure out what I was going to tell my husband after the ER vet quoted me about $4,200.00 to fix him. After going to one of the best orthopedic surgeon offices to have our puppy fixed, I then started compiling my stack of receipts. The whole time thinking oh my goodness this is sure adding up. There is no way this case is going to be easy to prove to our pet insurance. After hearing bad story after bad story of pet insurance companies in general I was pretty much searching for a miracle in hopeing EMBRACE would simply cover the expenses with no questions asked. I faxed my claim over to them on June 16th all $4,200.00 of it and on July 6th I received a e-mail stating my check was issued today and I should receive it for the total amount (minus the 20% copay)! The whole process was smooth and 100% easy. I'm still in shock at how easy they made this whole situation. I highly recommend EMBRACE to any new pet owner. Things happen, accidents happen and if you get EMBRACE for your pet you'll be covered and stress free of the financial burdens these accidents come with. Now I did have to pay up front out of pocket with them reimbursing me but again it was so easy to send all my info over and have them cover it. If you do

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