The Worse Case of Demodex-AKC Purebred.

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After researching English Bulldogs for over a year at shows and online, we went to a well known breeder in the Hudson River Valley, and brought home an adorable three month old white bully. We took him to the vet immediately and he was perfect. We had researched pet plans and signed up for Pet Plan insurance. After two or three weeks, he began to turn pink. A return visit to the vet confirmed that he had demodex which is a horrific hereditary disease which comes from the mother. The mother should never have been bred. Within weeks, his body was covered with bloody sores. He wore an Elizabethan collar so he did not scratch. He could barely reach his food or play with his toys. Strangers would pull their pets away from us when we went for a walk. It broke our heart but he was an angel. After a year, he is healthy, happy, adorable and always loved. PET PLAN was amazing. The bronze package included a $200 deductible (per illness), then they reimburse 80% of billings. A reimbursement check arrives within a week or two. Each time we went to the University of Pennsylvania Vet Hospital, I would chat with everyone about Pet Plan. I would never own another pet without Pet Plan. For $38 per month, our family has peace of mind that, whatever happens to our little Bully, Pet Plan will be there.

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