VPI I has helped me give my bunnies a better life.

Out of 10

I have only had good experiences with VPI & I have been with them for almost 6 years now. They have been very helpful if I had questions. The claims are easy to file and the turn around time is typically 2 weeks. Without VPI I am not sure I could care for my 2 chronically ill older bunnies. My vet bills are very expensive and my bunnies will require multiple ongoing medications for the rest of their lives. They are very happy and doing exceptionally well considering the issues that they both have. If it weren't for VPI I might not be able to afford to care for them. & I'd hate to think that they might not get as good of care as they do now just because I could not afford it. I highly recommend VPI & I tell everyone that I know who have animals that they really should insure them. I post it on my Facebook page/MySpace, tell people in our vets office and I also put it on my yearly Xmas letter. VPI has really been there for Roo & Hershey & we are so thankful that they insure rabbits. This site does not have a selection for anything other than cat or dog, but I have 2 rex rabbits that I insure with VPI.

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Multiple rabbit illnesses
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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