ASPCA pet Insurance SUCKS

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I had this insurance on my adult Leonberger for years which is why I selected them for my new Leonberger puppy. His insurance coverage--Level 3--went into effect on November 15, 2010. During the rains we had in Southern California, he skidded down a muddy hill and slammed into a concrete abutment on our patio. That was AN ACCIDENT. He was covered under this policy for accidents--even the lower levels cover accidents on the date the policy goes into effect. He sustained a severe injury to his left front leg and ultimately, he required surgery by a veterinary orthopedist. This insurance company has denied payment of ALL bills, claiming it was an illness. The pathology report and all of the vets have called the mass removed which hampered his growth and ability to walk--a SEROMA. Seromas are caused by trauma, not illness. ASPCA still ignores my calls and letters and refuses to pay. I plan to sue but I would tell everyone to avoid signing up to this company. You are better off without insurance then to pay them a monthly fee when they refuse to honor their own contracts!
The worst thing for us is because ASPCA Pet Insurance refuses to pay on this accident, we cannot afford to take him for the physical therapy that he needs to rebuild his leg and he remains in discomfort. I have taken a job and gone to work to save up for his rehabilitation but that takes time. If they would pay what their contract states--80%, we could begin therapy immediately.

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