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With my previous cat (who died in 1993) I had tried other pet insurance companies, but I always had to pay a co-pay and they didn't cover many of the bills I had submitted for payment. I signed up with ASPCA Pet Insurance in 2006 and am extremely glad that I did. Last year I took my cat to a "cat" groomer that I thought would be a good place to go (I checked on the internet and it had several stars as a rating. I had taken my cat to the groomer in May and by Memorial Day weekend (a couple of weeks later), my cat had become very ill (he was falling down, plus his third eyelid was showing in one eye). This had happened on Sunday so, of course, the pet hospital where my cat's vet was was closed. Fortunately, there is a Pet Emergency center near where I live, so I took my cat there and was told he had "Horner's Syndrome" (the symptoms can last for 6-8 weeks), which they did. Over the time that my cat was ill, his medical bills came to over $1,500.00 and ASPCA Pet Insurance paid over $800.00 of that.

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