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I just sent a review but I really wanted to elaborate on our story with insurance. we adopted a puppy at 10 weeks old and I immediately got insurance for her. I picked a different company and all was fine. About 7 months later my puppy needed surgery for her hip and the company I had would not pay for any surgery until I had the insurance company for a year. I wasn't going to make my puppy wait three months for surgery because it was painful so I paid out of pocket and never was reimbursed. After this experience I switched insurance companies and I am so happy that I did. Heathy Paws is great and they make the whole experience easier on you not harder like the previous insurance company. Now my dog will be three and Im so glad I switched Insurance companies. Like I said in my other review I tell everyone I know who asks or has an animal that Healthy Paws is the best!!

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