Petplan business model designed for them not us

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I have been a Petplan customer for five years and have had to leave as a customer because I became disillusioned with their business model. At first the rates seemed reasonable $400 per year. After a couple years, they started to go up $100 per year and by my sixth year the bill was going to be more than $750 with not a single claim. I inquired about why the rates were going up and they could not provide me any data or studies that justified the rate increases. I work in health care and 20% annual rate increases are considered unreasonable, without justification. Furthermore, your policy has to be on auto-renew and the only way to turn off automatic renewal is to call them (and they do there best to hide this fact). They apparently are a private company and as such don't have to report their profits publicly, but my guess is that they are extremely profitable.

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